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Have you been accused or involved in a domestic violence matter? If so, it is imperative you obtain experienced and reliable legal counsel as soon as possible. Virginia courts treat domestic violence charges very seriously, and you must ensure that you are adequately represented by a competent Richmond domestic violence lawyer with a proven track-record of defense experience in order to protect your rights.

Every individual has the right to defend themselves in court, but within the Richmond area, this is almost never a wise decision over utilizing a skilled domestic violence firm. At Alexander Law Office, P.C., our domestic violence representation is aggressive and overwhelming for the prosecutor. With over 25 years of practice, we at Alexander Law Office, P.C. have learned to be open and honest in our opinions about client options and penalties.

At Alexander Law Office, P.C., our committed domestic violence attorney understands you are likely looking for security in your choice of working with us. With this in mind, we carefully explain to you the relevant laws and domestic violence process. We always provide our Richmond area clients with realistic expectations on outcomes to their cases.

Domestic Violence Charges in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia designates domestic violence as a subcategory of assault and battery. However, the state distinguishes it from the traditional legal classification per the guidelines set forth in VA Code § 18.2-57.2. This guideline stipulates that any individual who commits assault and battery against a family and/or household member is subsequently guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor that carries a potential punishment of up to a one year prison sentence and a $2,500 fine.

The key distinction between classic assault and battery and domestic violence is the manner in which the state prosecutes repeat offenders. Whereas a third assault and battery conviction within a 20-year window generally receives the same penalty as the preceding charge, a third domestic violence conviction in the same period is routinely treated as a Class 6 felony, which usually carries a penalty of one to five years in prison with a 30-day mandatory minimum (i.e., no early release) and enhanced financial penalties. These are complicated and serious matters. Contact our highly experienced Richmond domestic violence attorney today to discuss your case.

If someone files a criminal report that alleges you perpetrated a domestic violence offense, law enforcement personnel can place you under arrest without obtaining a warrant if they have probable cause that assault or battery occurred. I can assist you in fighting any false accusations and protect your freedom by:

  • Challenging/lifting protective orders
  • Gathering mitigating/exculpatory evidence pertaining to the alleged offense
  • Drafting and issuing subpoenas for witnesses to strengthen your case
  • Deposing/questioning your accuser
  • Filing and negotiating a plea

A domestic assault charge not only has potentially negative and significant legal and financial implications, but it can also greatly impact your personal life as well. For example, a domestic violence conviction may mean you lose the right to own or possess a firearm or forfeit your parental rights to child custody and visitation. As an experienced Virginia litigator, I can assist you with, first, clearly explaining the charges against you and the full extent of potential legal consequences; and then, secondly, devising an effective, well-reasoned trial strategy in which your rights are protected and you will reduce the chances of facing negative legal ramifications.

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